Hi, I’m Kris

TravelSips is about traveling solo around the world searching for beverages and their stories.  I’ve had some fun experiences- like judging a beer competition in Italy, working the bottling line at a brewery in Switzerland, collaborating on a beer for a cartography conference in Copenhagen, meeting up with a Japanese brewer at a beer bar in Tokyo over fried hop flowers, stumbling into and joining the Beijing Homebrew Society. That was all before I started to write about my adventures. It was winning an essay competition where I proposed bringing French culture to the US through beer that prompted this site- and is the first series post here.

Below I am officially joining the John Snow Society at the John Snow Pub in London, summer 2021. Long story; happy ending.


My home base is Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. My father’s Bloody Mary was so loved that I sent the recipe with the thank you notes after his funeral. My grandfather always drank a martini on the first tee- out of a proper glass. My mother is game to try anything I hand her, but prefers Coors and espresso martinis. Sigh.

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education allows me to teach a variety of beer courses- my favorites are Cartography of Beer and Beer & Art History. I’m working on a Beer & History series, which will include a new class about British Drink Maps this summer (2022).

In 2018 I gave a talk and curated an exhibit at the Harvard Map Collection called Hang a Left at Prohibition Park: The Intersection of Beer and Cartography; in July 2019 I presented my temperance map research at the International Conference on the History of Cartography in Amsterdam, and in February 2020 I gave a talk about English Drink Maps at the Boston Public Library. The Drink Map Book: British Temperance Maps of the 1800s is due out in spring 2023 by Bodleian Library Publishing. 

My personal Instagram is @KrisButler6; the Twitter associated with this site is @TravelSips; Twitter associated with the now defunct (but social media lives on) Boston Map Society is @BosMapSociety; Instagram associated with the Boston Map Society is @boston_map_society. The Drink Map Book has an Instagram and Twitter identity too, but will not be active until I have pre-order information. (both @DrinkMapBook)

2 responses to “Hi, I’m Kris

  1. Rebecca Valette

    Elisabeth Karnoub just let me know about your web site. Jean-Paul and I are delighted that your trip to France went so well!
    Rebecca Valette

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