How to win a free trip to France

This is a map of France, stitched and framed, on a classroom wall at the French Cultural Center of Boston. Where I’ve been taking French classes twice a week for nearly a year. It shows the products of each region- including- look closely! Beer.

I love wine. I do. But France has a long brewing history as well, and I’ve longed to investigate it.

So when my teacher, the lovely Swiss Eugénie, told me about an essay competition where I’d have to propose a project about spreading French culture- of course I thought of beer. And I won. Merci Rebecca Valette and the Alliance Française! Airfare and car for 16 days- prize money well spent. Daily installments of new French words de goût and French beer… Coming.

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October 9, 2012 · 8:16 pm

One response to “How to win a free trip to France

  1. How very exciting!!! There’s some fantastic beer being brewed in France but so much of it is under the radar – which isn’t a bad thing. You’ll have so much fun and Belgium and the UK aren’t too far away either if you happen to get bored… ;o)

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