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Brasserie Thiriez

Le mot pour aujourd’hui est “équilibre”, as in “équilibre entre malte et houblon”. A few of brewer Daniel Thiriez’ beers are available in the US, so I asked if I could try some that are only sold in France. From these, the most refined balance between malt and hops (see word or the day) was the “Black Daniel’s” black IPA, made with Marjorie Jacobi of Brasserie Paradis. (A later visit). Unlike many American IPAs, the hops are strong, yet restrained- allowing for a soft lingering finish that keeps you wanting more.

Merci à Daniel et Marielle Paquet!




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How to win a free trip to France

This is a map of France, stitched and framed, on a classroom wall at the French Cultural Center of Boston. Where I’ve been taking French classes twice a week for nearly a year. It shows the products of each region- including- look closely! Beer.

I love wine. I do. But France has a long brewing history as well, and I’ve longed to investigate it.

So when my teacher, the lovely Swiss Eugénie, told me about an essay competition where I’d have to propose a project about spreading French culture- of course I thought of beer. And I won. Merci Rebecca Valette and the Alliance Française! Airfare and car for 16 days- prize money well spent. Daily installments of new French words de goût and French beer… Coming.

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October 9, 2012 · 8:16 pm